In Depth Ten Card Angel Reading


Receive the words you need to hear right now from your Angels.

Your Angels are always with you and ready to help.

They come from a place of love and light and want to help you shine your brightest light and dance with life.



The Ten Card Angel Card Reading is one of the most well known and treasured card. It is also know as the Celtic Cross Reading of Spread. It can be used to answer questions about any topic and  reveals the basis of your situation, the challenges, influneces, the past, the present, the near future and likely outcome. However, remember that we have free will and if we do not like the direction in which things are headed, then you can change your path. 

A Ten Card Angel Card reading is a helpful tool if you are struggling with something and  don’t know the best way to move forward. Coming from a place of love and light, an Angel Card Reading can help you gain comfort, insight and clarity on how to handle the curve balls that life inevitably  throws at you. 

When you book your Ten Card Angel Card Reading, set your intention in your mind about what you want to ask. You can ask for guidance  about a situation or decision that is troubling you or you can  just ask if there is a special message for you that your angels want you to know. I do not need to know what your question is about and it actually helps if I don’t!

All readings are done by email and you will receive it within 24 hours or sooner. Everything is strictly confidential.

You can read more about Angel Card Readings here.

Angel Blessings. Anna x


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