Rainbow Crystal Set – Chakra Balancing


A set of seven chakra balancing stones: Amethyst, Sodalite, Blue Lace, Aventurine, Yellow Serpentine, Orange Aventurine and Red Jasper. Full written suggestions on how to use you stones. Stones are approx 1″ and may vary in shape from those in the photograph, but be assurred that they are all excellent quality.


Using your Chakra Balancing Kit.

The use of chakra stones for chakra balancing can help you acquire energy balance that is essential to your overall emotional and physical well-being.

Chakra stones’ healing properties and meanings are unique to each stone. It’s important to remember that all stones and crystals possess their own vibrational frequency. To dispel chakra blockages and promote balance, you use stones with a vibrational frequency and colour that matches the chakra you are wanting to heal.

IMG_0849 copy_edited-1The most common technique for using chakra stones is known as the “Laying on of Stones,” It involves placing cleansed and charged healing stones on the body’s specific energy centers for a period of time.

Our kits come complete with diagrams and instructions on how to cleanse and use them.

However, you may use your stones as you wish, use them to start or add to your collection, meditate with them or just hold from time to time – the choice is entirely yours. If you feel inspired to use them in a particular way then do follow this intuition – as it will be right for you.

Relax and enjoy!

Anna x




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