Angel Feather Canvas


Hand painted angel feather canvas with the words

‘Sometimes I look up and say ” I know that was you”. ‘

Painted in white with textured feather decoration.

10″ x 8″


Angel Feather Canvas

Some words just seem to bring us comfort and some make us smile. I chose the words on our hand painted Angel Feather Canvas for both these reasons and it seems you do too, as it is one of our Best Sellers. I love it when I find white feathers in really obscure places or when they flutter down to land at my feet. I regard them of a sign from my angels or loved one.

How is each Angel Feather Canvas made?

Each one starts life as a plain white canvas, before it is covered in several  coats of white paint. Even though it was already white, painting it gives it a richness, that leaving it unpainted just doesn’t do! Next textured feathers are created, using a special paste and a palette knife. Because each is individually made, no two feathers are exactly alike.

Angel Feather CanvasThere is just time to make a cup of tea while the Angel Feather Canvas  dries and then the words are carefully transferred to the surface. I use a template so they are straight, as there is nothing more annoying if they aren’t perfect. Next, I hand paint the letters with a very fine paint brush and a steady hand! Once this is dry, a little shading is blended around the edges of the Angel Feather Canvas to frame it, before I add the finishing touch – Opal Dust. Opal Dust is a clear gel medium with tiny light reflecting, holographic particles which catch the light creating an interplay of beautiful colours. I think you will like this effect. Lastly, coat of satin matt varnish is applied to seal everything, so your canvas will last for years and still look as fabulous as the day it popped through your letter box.

Size: 10″ x 8″.

Colour : White with grey words. Grey shading around the edge. Top coat of opal dust.






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