After a false alarm last year, The Call for my husband Andy’s liver transplant finally came in the wee small hours at the beginning of January. It has taken so long to write this post, because in the following weeks and months, I was  deep in the thick[…]

Life is a funny old thing. Sometimes you know why you are feeling a certain way and other times emotions just hit you out the blue. I think in any given month (or day, and sometimes even an hour!) I experience a whole range of emotions,  from uplifting[…]

This week has been full of contrasts – mainly with extremes of human behaviour. I don’t want to bring you down, but the long and short of it,  a lovely, hardworking woman I know had her business broken into and all her stock stolen. Then my husband’s computer[…]

So now we are already into the third month of the year and Mother Nature is starting to bring us some promising signs of spring. I am sure you will agree the early crocuses and spring flowers are a welcome sight. I wonder a lot these days what[…]

Recently, I had a lovely message from a lady who was touched by my art work . She went on to say that she was an artist and would like to start up her own business but was too scared. This got me thinking about how fear can[…]

The purpose of life is to find your gift. The meaning of life is to give it away” (Picasso) Depending on where you are in your life journey, finding your purpose may or may not be a concern. But  from my experience I know that for a great[…]

Angel Note The angels give us messages which can uplift us, comfort us or guide us. The angels asked me to pick a card for you and share the following message. The card is ‘Playfulness” from Doreen Virtues Healing with the Angels Deck. This was the first deck[…]

Life has been a little crazy here recently, and by crazy I mean upside down and inside out. My focus has totally been away from work but at the same focused on and aware that I was not working as I was not making any money. Sometimes, when[…]

Before I introduce my guest blogger, Lyn Halvorsen, I would like to share how the idea for this post came about.  I know not everyone shares my outlook on life and that is totally ok. I also understand it is not my job to get them to believe[…]