angel card reading

Now, I don’t claim to be an expert on Angels, but I am an expert in my own life and for the last few years I have included the angels along on that journey. I have read a lot of angel books, attended The Angel Card Reader Course[…]

So now we are already into the third month of the year and Mother Nature is starting to bring us some promising signs of spring. I am sure you will agree the early crocuses and spring flowers are a welcome sight. I wonder a lot these days what[…]

One of the most exciting things that I have incorporated into my life, is taking notice of the recurring nudges, thoughts and signs that occur. These are often the signs you may have asked for, from your angels, in response to a question. It can be easy to[…]

Before I introduce my guest blogger, Lyn Halvorsen, I would like to share how the idea for this post came about.  I know not everyone shares my outlook on life and that is totally ok. I also understand it is not my job to get them to believe[…]