One of the most exciting things that I have incorporated into my life, is taking notice of the recurring nudges, thoughts and signs that occur. These are often the signs you may have asked for, from your angels, in response to a question. It can be easy to[…]

There is always something to learn from adverse things in your life. It is from this learning that we better come to understand ourselves and in turn live a happier life. Now, I do like to think I am a positive person and I think those that know[…]

Angel Note The angels give us messages which can uplift us, comfort us or guide us. The angels asked me to pick a card for you and share the following message. The card is ‘Playfulness” from Doreen Virtues Healing with the Angels Deck. This was the first deck[…]

Last week someone very close to me was diagnosed with cancer and asked if I could give them an Angel Card Reading. Understandably, I am sure they were hoping that I would pull the non exsistent ” you will survive this cancer card”. Of course, no such card[…]

A heartfelt Hello to you, It has been lovely to have been able to connect to some new people this last week via Facebook. This is because I have paid for Facebook posts to reach those who don’t know Angel Talk exists. I am really keen to grow[…]

Life has been a little crazy here recently, and by crazy I mean upside down and inside out. My focus has totally been away from work but at the same focused on and aware that I was not working as I was not making any money. Sometimes, when[…]

To me, when I was younger, life was all about getting a good job, a home and starting a family. Now it is more about being happy whatever your external circumstances, although those things are still important to me. My younger self  thought I could only be happy[…]

Before I introduce my guest blogger, Lyn Halvorsen, I would like to share how the idea for this post came about.  I know not everyone shares my outlook on life and that is totally ok. I also understand it is not my job to get them to believe[…]

Have you ever just been going about your business when something big happens to change your life? This can be a positive change but often it can be a major blow and then it’s a real challenge to remain your normal, positive, happy self  in the face of[…]