Angel Card Readings

Angel card reading
What is an Angel Card Reading?

An Angel Card Reading is when cards are drawn from a special pack of angel cards. Each card has a picture and some words on it. By drawing on their intuition and knowledge of the cards, the card reader can interpret these to give an accurate message. The reader may also hear, see or feel instinctively further information around the subject to give a clearer and personal insight and guidance.

Why have an Angel Card Reading?

An Angel Card reading is a helpful tool if you are struggling with something and  don’t know the best way to move forward. Coming from a place of love and light, an Angel Card Reading can help you gain comfort, insight and clarity on how to handle the curve balls that life inevitably  throws at you. 

Why don’t the Angels just help without being asked?

We all have angels around us, including our own Guardian Angels. They are here to guide us, but we have to ask for their help, as we have free will and they will not intervene unless they are asked. The only time they can intervene without being called to do so, is if we are in imminent danger and it is not our time to go.

How does an Angel Card Reading work?

I use a set of Angel Cards to give a positive, accurate reading that come from a place of light and love. I hear the messages as strong thoughts or feelings and sometimes as an image in my minds eye. To give you the information your angels want you to hear, I am able to read the pictures within the cards, as well as intuitively knowing what to write – just like taking a dictation!

Can anyone do it?

While everyone  has the ability to communicate with their angels and ask for their help, some of us may find this easier to do. This is because of the spiritual path we have been following and if we are naturally sensitive and intuitive beings. Like all skills this one needs practice and dedication.

How did you discover Angel Card Readings.

At one time I didn’t believe Angels were real and thought people just had angel ornaments and such like around their homes, because they looked nice. Then I was with some close friends who talked about their angel experiences and I began to listen with interest. At first I did think what they were saying was strange, but as I have great love and respect for them,  I decided to have an open mind. As I listened to their experiences, I saw the profound way the angels had helped guide and comfort them. It was from this gentle introduction that I sought out more information and read all I could, to learn more. As I began to welcome the Angels in to my everyday life, I knew that this was something real and amazing. Over the years this has lead me to create Angel Talk and share my love of Angels through my art work and writing, as well as offer others a way to hear their own Angel’s messages through angel card readings.

What happens when I book my Angel Card Reading? 

When you book your Angel Card Reading, set your intention in your mind about what you want to ask. You can ask for guidance  about a situation or decision that is troubling you or you can  just ask if there is a special message for you that your angels want you to know. I do not need to know what your question is about and it actually helps if I don’t!

All readings are done by email and you will receive it within 24 hours of your order. Everything is strictly confidential.

There are three types of readings that I offer at present. Choose the Angel Card Reading to suit your own particular needs and budget.




The Celtic Cross Angel Card Reading is the most well known and treasured spreads as it can be used to answer questions about any topic.

This spread of ten cards reveals the basis of your situation, the challenges, the past, the present, insight in to things that could be influencing it, the near future and likely outcome.

Again, remember that we have free will and if we do not like the direction in which things are headed, then we can and must change our path.




angel cherub

The first card gives information about how the near past maybe influencing  the situation asked about.

The second card speaks to us about the present situation and what you maybe experiencing. The angels often offer you guidance and practical steps to consider taking.

The third card tells of the likely future outcome of the situation if no action is taken. However, remember that we all have free will and if you don’t like the direction in which things are headed, then you can change your path.


Everything is strictly confidential. You will receive your reading via email within 24 hours.




Quick One Card Reading


angel wings

This is a great option if you want to have a quick and easy reading. If you have a question you would liked asked and answered then just email seperately or add to additional information box on checkout page.

A one card reading can give you a new and helpful perspective on any aspect of your life. This is also a great option for those of you who are unsure if you believe in the Angels and want to test the water without a larger financial outlay!

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