Don’t believe everything you think and how to overcome fearful thoughts

Today I thought I would share a little of some of the techniques I have studied that have helped me when I have faced challenges. Challenges are challenges, whether big or small, and still need strength to overcome them. Please don’t put yourself down if you think that you are being petty because others have bigger challenges. Your challenges are your challenges and are all important steps in equipping you with the skills and experience to grow. Who knows, but you may find , like I have , that the learning, strength and insights from these smaller challenges will help you enormously when  it comes to the big ones.

This post is inspired by several lovely people who I have met on Instagram. One lady has a fear of flying. I am not sure if she has actually been on a plane yet but I know it is a big fear she has, and one that she would love to be free from. Whatever your situation, these techniques can really help. Like all things the more you practice, the easier and better they work.

The first thing I learnt many years ago, which was a bit of a life changer for me, was from the transforming speaker Wayne Dyer. He said “ Don’t believe everything you think”. Take a moment to ponder this. Up unto that moment I truly believed that what I thought was my truth and if I experienced fear, then I was stuck with it and it was just the way it was. I didn’t really have a true understanding that I could change my thoughts for ones which served me better. It was the start of a long journey, one that I am still on now. A journey that has blessed me with insight in to how I had got so bent out of shape and the beginning of a journey back to my true self and peace and happiness.

So let’s think about fear. What is fear really? It is a range of thoughts that run ragged around your mind and cause physical sensations of overwhelm, panic, nausea and well, Fear. These thoughts are unwelcome and distressing. They can stop us doing something we want to do and then we beat ourselves up for not being good enough, strong enough, for being weak or whatever your particular thing is. So you can see from this, fearful thoughts have a huge impact on us and then they produce thoughts have an even more devastating effect on us by bashing ourselves up. Great!

Fear can be thoughts about a situation that has not or may not happen. It can take away our peace of mind and rob us of the precious moment that that we do have, the now and can also hold us back from doing things we would like to experience.

I am sure you can all relate to fear. It is universal and that feeling of fear running riot through our minds and bodies is not nice – not one little bit. I am not talking about fear, that alerts us to real danger, as that can be helpful and even life saving. I am talking about fear that is unhelpful and robs us living life to the full.

So what can we actually do about it? The good news that with determination and practice there is a lot we can do to reprogram our minds and overcome fear. Sometime completely and sometimes just enough.

The first thing to do is acknowledge that fear is just a thought that you are thinking. It is just in your imagination. You can’t actually touch it, pick it up. It has power over you and you have feel powerless over it.

A5she believed she could B&W1_edited-1Now I would like you to think that all thoughts are energy or have energy. For a moment, stop thinking about fear and turn your mind to a place or event where your feel totally happy, so happy that you could burst. For me this can be a particular moment I have enjoyed with family or friends or standing barefoot in the ocean embracing the sun on my face, the breeze on my skin and the sounds of summer in my ears. Just thinking these thoughts raises my energy vibration, I can feel love in my heart expand and happiness wash over me. I can do this visualisation easily and quickly, probably, because I am well practiced in doing it. Keep practicing being able to think yourself in to this state of peace and happiness. I wish I could bottle it and give you some, but I can’t, but I can encourage you to practice and practice manafesting this blissful state.

Spend some time doing this every day. This is your spiritual homework. You can ask the angels to help you with this, if this feels comfortable. They will be pleased and happy to help.

Now, here is the bit that you have been waiting for! You can learn to turn fear on its head. Remember how powerful you just were, thinking thoughts that raised your vibration? Now you have to transpose those thoughts on top of the fearful situation.

I will start with the example of the lovely lady, who is scared of flying and write as if I am talking to her, but you can change it to make it about what your particular fear is.

Sit in a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed (do these places exist?!!). conjure up that feeling of bliss, happiness and love until it is the only feeling in your body. Imagine this feeling as a golden light surrounding you and projecting you of any lower energy thoughts.  When you are full of his feeling, imagine yourself sitting in the airport, excited for flight and so pleased with yourself for taking your power back. Imagine being greeted by the hostess as she directs you to your seat. Imagine yourself, still blissfully happy as you settle in to the flight about to enjoy a glass of wine, brought to you by kind staff who have your best interests at heart. You are happy, as pick up your new book, knowing that you have several hours to just enjoy yourself, reading, eating , drinking and watching a film. You let your mind wander forward to all the lovely adventures ahead. Life is good. Now slowly open your eyes and congratulate yourself for enjoying your flight!

With practice this positive visualisation will become easier and easier and natural. It will become your new way of thinking about flying. You can incorporate feelings of gratitude for the pilot, who will get you there safely, gratitude for your health that allows you to travel, gratitude for having the money and freedom to travel. You get the idea. Fill your mind with positive thoughts and gratitude and there will be no room for fear – just love.

Now go and do it for real. It will be much easier,  now you have practiced it over and over in a positive way.

Sometimes it maybe a fear of something happening that you don’t want to happen. This can be very scary and overwhelming. You may have good reason to be scared, if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a serious health challenge. The fear of losing someone close, is not nice atall, but there are still ways in which you can reframe it, so at least some of the time you can release yourself the utter despair that grips you.

I have this with the fear that my husband may not make it through his liver transplant. Don’t get me wrong, at times the fear of losing him has made me feel utterly broken, but I had to find a way to live with this. I was determined that his cancer diagnosis was not going to rob me / us of the chance of happiness we have now. I am glad I have had all the challenges that I have faced and overcome over the years, as this has helped me be able to face this with understanding and compassion for myself. I hope by sharing my story, it may help some of you with your life challenges and be able to find some peace by looking at them with new eyes and thinking of them with new, more helpful thoughts. I will skip forward a bit, to acceptance of the situation – this in itself is a long subject which I can cover another time. By let’s start with the thought that if you can’t actually change the outcome, you can at least change the way you view it and react to it.

So for me, my greatest fear was having to face the possibility of years without my soul mate. We have been together my whole adult life and there is no one in the world who I am more comfortable with. His is the face I search for in a crowd. I had to look at this fear, as a possibility and I made the decision that if this does happen, then I will do my very best to embrace the situation. I did spend time thinking and crying over how sh**y the situation was and how I would like it to be different. But I had to move on from this as quickly as I could, as the fear of the future was robbing me of my peace and happiness now. This moment is the only time where I really have a choice on how I feel and I wanted to choose peace. I began to visualise that I would be all right on my own, that new opportunities would be there for the taking and experiencing of. I could see how strong I could be and take pride in how I would manage on my own two feet. Although this is not the path I would choose if I had a choice, I have chosen to know that I will be ok and see it as just another twist in my life’s journey. I do the same sort of practice of visualisation, and although I cant conjure up bliss, I can imagine finding a place of peace and contentment. I do this by imagining myself going about my days and being ok and finding happiness in the small things, such as nature and helping others and my friends, family and pets.

I think I will close now as that is a lot of information to absorb. I cover anxiety and being ok with challenges in some of my other blog posts that you can read here. I really do welcome you sharing your comments.

I have painted this angel with the words  “She believed she could – so she did”.  If you like this and think it maybe a helpful reminder of what you can accomplish with these techniques, you can purchase your copy here and support me with Angel Talk at the same time. Angel Blessing and thank you to my Insta friends for inspiring this post.

Anna x

Further reading Feel the fear and do it anyway by Susan Jefferies

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One comment on “Don’t believe everything you think and how to overcome fearful thoughts

  1. Niki Asmar on said:

    I read and re-read this post Anna (and screenshotted it to read again when I sit down properly late tonight -hope u don’t mind) Family and friends frequently travel overseas and I try to visualise how wonderful it must be to visit and enjoy the destinations and love seeing their photos – I must stop watching all those terrifying plane crash investigation shows on tv When my daughter has travelled I literally don’t eat/sleep til I hear from her each time she arrives at a destination! I travelled to Greece where my parents are from when I was 13 and loved it, no flying fears back then. I can’t travel for foreseeable future cos 2 yrs ago I brought my 91 yr old mum here when she became too frail to live alone. As I age (59) something inside is tugging me back to Greece and I am determined to somehow get there again! I pray and hope your hubby has a completely successful transplant, the journey you are both on puts the important things in life into better perspective. Take care dear Anna and thank you for taking the time to address my particular phobia xx