Do you believe in Angels?

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Now, I don’t claim to be an expert on Angels, but I am an expert in my own life and for the last few years I have included the angels along on that journey. I have read a lot of angel books, attended The Angel Card Reader Course with Angel Expert Doreen Virtue and most importantly had experiences of angel guidance and comfort.

I believe we all have Guardian Angels with us that are with us from birth. I think when we are first born and through that first year of life, we are more able to see them. I say this because, when I was a Foster parent to a new born baby, she would often look up and stare in wonder at a corner of the room in absolute awe and wonder. Her eyes would be fixed, but soft as if in conversation, with nothing visible to me except the bare white ceiling – not even a spider! She would smile and be fascinated for several minutes. I would ask her if she was talking to her Angels and I would say hello myself. It gave me great comfort to know they were there.

I would love to see an actual angel, but I haven’t and may never do, but I do get signs and have had lots of angelic encounters. I think that sometimes they do their work by orchestrating certain events, meetings and such like with perfect Devine timing.

How many times have you wondered at the coincidences that brought certain people to you at just the right time? Could that be your Angels helping out to bring you just what you need at that precise moment? I like to think so and see these events as such and not as coincidences.  I always look and smile and say  “Thank you, I know that was you”.

If you would like to the angels to be part of your life you have to ask as they will not, unless invited, except in situations of emergency. If you don’t already, you could just start by saying hello. You don’t even have to do this out loud. It may feel strange at first, but I urge you to have an open mind. You can ask for a sign and see what comes up – signs are not usually immediate, but they can be. Popular signs are white feathers appearing and hearing just the right words on a song as if it was writing just for you. If you want to know more I recommend books by Doreen Virtue, you can find a good range on

Anna x

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One comment on “Do you believe in Angels?

  1. Janine on said:

    Hi Anna, luvd reading your blog do u believe in angels I totally do I talk to mine every day they gave helped me with so much in my life and I often ask for signs and def receive them in the form of white feathers , robins and rainbows and also what me and my son call kisses in the sky have you ever looked up into the sky and noticed a white x shape in the sky it looks like clouds I’ve even saw 2 and 3 together and def no my angels have sent them as a sign and sometimes as just a message from my loved ones already passed over just to say hello we are here and looking after you I truly am a believer and love the angels so much , I’ll def look into those books you are recommending lots of luv Anna xxx