How you can call on your angels for help.

Sometimes life can throw a lot at you at once or one thing after another – so you only just get to pause for breath before being hit with another big whammy.

It is my guess that you are able to cope at the time, us woman are great in a crisis. If you are anything like me, we tend to see what we can do to help everyone else and make sure they are ok. We rally round and do all that we can, whether this is making copious cups of tea, co-ordinating  people, sorting appointments or creating a plan of action. This is definitely me and I am able to generate a calm exterior (thanks to years in the nursing profession),  even if inside I am a wobbly jelly with a scramble egg brain!

It is after the dust has settled, that you can come unstuck, when you are left reeling in the aftermath , trying to make sense of it or trying to find a way to live comfortably with the effects of the it. There may well be new things to live with, anxious thoughts can evade your mind daily and erode your peace. You maybe worrying about others or what the future may hold. If left unchecked carrying any sort of burden can lead to depression. I know I have been there.

In my case, it is my husbands impending liver transplant and worries that Angel Talk won’t provide the income we need to make it viable. I worry about when The Call may come, and often think, I hope it rings today as I am rested and ready or at the end of a busy day, I will hope the phone won’t ring as I am tired and haven’t the energy for it. We both especially don’t want it to ring, when we have just got back from our hospital appointments, the other side of London!

On top of that, since stopping fostering, I have put my all into Angel Talk and believe that this is what I should be doing.  I am really grateful to have been given the opportunity to set up my own business and be my own boss, but this does come with a sense of responsibility to make it a success. Sometimes, if I have had a quiet week, I begin to doubt myself and feel guilty that I am not employed in a regular job and contributing  with a  steady  wage. All these thoughts whirl around my head and can take away the peace that I could be enjoying.

These feelings have been building and I have felt burdened and heavy with these these thoughts. I knew it was time to  ask my angels for help. So I found a quiet place and asked them to help me. I do this by asking out loud, but you can also talk to them by thinking your words. After asking , I curled up  and started to fall into a restorative sleep. As I was in that place between awareness and sleep, I got a message from them as a strong thought. It was “ Pass your worries over to us and let us take them away from you”. I did this by imagining them flowing out of my mind and them carrying them away. I felt lighter and then drifted off and had a long nap. A very long nap! When I awoke, I felt much better and no longer burdened by the thoughts.

By releasing this anxiety to the angels, I was  able to make space to reframe my thoughts. It is a much happier place to reside. I feel empowered and positive — more like my authentic self. Now instead of negative thoughts about the situation, my self talk goes something like this .” I know my angels are looking out for us and the timing for The Call will be perfect. I know Angel Talk will continue to grow and go from strength to strength. It maybe quiet this week, but it has been really hot and people are busy with summer holidays, sports days, uni visits and summer plans. I will see this lull as a gift and get busy making a stock pile so I am ready for when it picks up again. I know people love my products and enjoy  my blog, so I will concentrate on that.”

So, although nothing has changed, we are still waiting for The Call and for my inbox to chime with a new order or two, I am no longer focused on this, but back on the happy track, thanks to the help I received from my angels. I know they watch over me, as they do over you.

So I am grateful and thank my angels for helping me. I hope that sharing this will give some of you the guidance to talk to your own angels and ask them to support you with what you are going through. Ask them to take away your heavy loads.

Angel Blessings and hears to a good week for all of us.

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Anna x

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5 comments on “How you can call on your angels for help.

  1. Helen Brown on said:

    Good morning Anna,

    I do enjoy very much reading your blogs, for one they are such a pleasure and an uplifting read. The certainly help me.
    As for Angel talks… this is a little quiet time, like you say people are on holiday ECT, but also it’s time for a little rest for you to focus and get ready for the Christmas boom as I think you will be immensely busy .

    Much love & hugs

    Helen X

  2. Helena Bulman on said:

    Good morning Anna, I really enjoyed reading your blog and having an insight into your thoughts and fears. Things are not the best for me at the moment my own husband is ill and about to undergo a major operation and with other family issues it’s a stressful time for us all, people ask me how I am coping and to be honest I’m not really sure! But without doubt I’m now going to ask my Angels for their help and guidance. Thank you Anna for giving me hope that I’m not alone at this time. My thoughts and prayers are with you God bless xx

  3. Wobbly jelly with scrambled egg brain – exactly how I feel. Will follow your advice Anna and call for their help. Thank you. And sending positive thoughts for all at AngelTalk xxx

  4. Lovely blog post, I do hope your husband gets his call so that you can both relax. Reading your blog you just mirrored back to me exactly how I’m feeling right now, feeling the responsibility to bring finance after leaving a well paid job though one I was miserable in, to follow my heart. I’ve had a wobbly week full of self doubt that I can truly make a living doing what I love. You have inspired me to talk to my Angels and ask for help thank you Sally xx

  5. Niki Asmar on said:

    Gosh Anna, I feel ashamed at my own perceived woes. I hope that ‘the call’ comes through at the precise right time I have a dear friend who received a liver transplant 16 years ago and has gone on to travel the world with her hubby and is doing so well.
    All the best for your hubby’s transplant and may he have a speedy recovery afterwards.
    Warmest wishes, Niki