Signs from your Angels

You can ask your angels for a sign as validation that you are on the right path. Then you just have to aware of them. Sometimes the signs can be so wacky and out there that you couldn’t have possibly envision them! This is one such story that happen last year to a lovely lady I met called Sian.

Sian had been going through some big life changes and recently left a long term relationship. She had bought a camper van and was on a journey to reconnect to herself. She came across my website (I have four websites!) and saw that I offered a class in Intuitive Painting. She contacted me and arranged to come up from Devon and spend a couple of days with me.

Stopping for a coffee break on her journey up, her head was full of questions as to whether she was on the right path and asked her angels for a sign. At that moment she saw a small plastic gekko lying on the ground. She picked it up, put it in her bag and thought no more off it.

There were many coffee shops she could have chosen that day, but she was drawn to one in particular. As she sat drinking her coffee she wondered again if she was on the right path, when she looked up and saw a picture of a gekko on the wall! How random is that. She took this to be the conformation she needed and proceeded on her way.

We immediately had a great connect and as we painted, we talked a lot about  angels stories and  synchronicity. Sain  shared her story about the Gekko and I couldn’t help but smile. I took her hand and led her outside and showed her the front of my studio.

IMG_4066 IMG_4064 IMG_4063

There she saw I had three gekko’s adorning it! I often smile when I pass my Gekko’s and remember the way the Angels had used them to give Sian the validation she needed right then.

Anna x

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One comment on “Signs from your Angels

  1. Janine on said:

    I loved that story Anna how random but wat a sign xxx