How to listen to your angels

Some days connecting to my angels is not something that I do, or even consider, as I am far to present in the day to day stuff. But after a while, I feel that something is missing and have the need to reconnect to them and myself. If you are not a believer, you probably won’t understand what I am talking about and will probably think I am a bit kooky. That is ok with me and  I am not here to try to convince you or to change your mind. It wasn’t so long ago that I thought angels were just something from ancient times and  that people had pictures and statues of them around their homes purely as they looked nice. Now I think differently, and take comfort from having their pictures around me, it helps me feel loved and protected.

I will ask my angels for guidance and strength in all sorts of everyday things. I believe we all have angels around us that we can call on at anytime and for anything.  You do have to ask them though, as apart from in extreme circumstances, they do not intervene as we all have free will.

Guardian_angel_A5b&Wapril_edited-1When my husband was first diagnosed with cancer last year, I called on them to help give me the strength and courage to cope with the journey ahead. They made me feel that we were going to be OK, whatever the outcome. They helped calm my rising panic and gently guided me to just the right person or words that I needed right then. They left small white feathers for me, which would make me smile and remind me I wasn’t alone. I would ask them to be with me, to get a good nights sleep, to help give me the physical strength to remain positive and strong. I would ask them to accompany me to the hospital appointments and to ensure that we were treated well by people who cared. I would ask them to give my husband strength and healing love.

We can all connect with our angels and it can be in different ways, but for me there is one main way. This  is to get quiet and spend time alone with myself. I could be sitting in my reading room listening to soothing music or walking in nature. It is not so much as where I am, but more that I am able to create some silence and space in my mind. The important thing is a willingness to hear their messages and at the same time not being pushy, but just relaxing and letting what will to will be. You may hear their messages as a strong thought and feel inspired to take some action. It’s like you suddenly know what to do next, or are able to see the “problem” you have been asking about from a new perspective. Often just the next step you need to take is revealed, as they rarely give you the whole picture.

Some people hear a voice, as if spoken out loud, but for me it is usually through thoughts or feelings  as well as recurring signs. At first, it is easy to wonder if this is something that you are making up or imagining. You can, with experience, begin to trust yourself and know the difference. If they are real, they will often occur as recurring nudges, maybe you will keep seeing a particular word, or feathers will keep falling at your feet. It is quite fun to see what they send to get your attention and I enjoy their sense of humour, which can be very funny. Below is an example of some recurring signs I received all in one day.

I was going on a Writer’s Workshop in London, and I had really felt, when I booked it that I was meant to be there. However, my day was blighted with so many “road blocks” that I had to take notice as to the fact that there was a message for me that I needed to hear.

I set off and find I am running a bit late. The roads are empty and despite acknowledging the speed camera sign, I do a quick visual check, and put my foot down. I am only going 34 in a 30 mph zone and trigger a camera which was lurking behind a bush. I knew that was going to happen, as I clearly heard “slow down Anna “, but ignored it. I decided not to dwell on it or let it ruin my day and to concentrate on getting parked. Someone had tipped me off where I could park for free on a Saturday, but I couldn’t find it, so after wasting precious minutes I parked in the regular train car park. The trouble was, I didn’t have DSC_0317_edited-1enough change for the machine but thought it was ok, as I had a parking app on my phone. But the app wouldn’t work and kept saying paypoint not recognised and I could hear my train coming! Quick thinking, I took a quick photo of the number I needed to call to buy my ticket and ran for the train and just caught it.

The phone line was no better as of course, it wasn’t a human but an automated voice, who again wouldn’t recognise the details. I really didn’t want to get a parking ticket as well as a speeding ticket in less than 5 minutes! I texted my daughter and asked her to do it for me, which she kindly did.

I sat back to try to relax when we were told the train was being terminated early due to driver shortages. I smiled to myself and said ” Boy, someone really doesn’t want me go today or is seriously testing my sense of humour”.

It was November and very cold.  The train finally turned up and I was only seated down again for ten minutes, when the train stopped and another announcement came on to say that there was signal failure ahead and an unknown length of  delay. After waiting patiently for a while in the freezing draft, as the doors were left wide open, I decided to get off and try another line. I was going to be late at this rate.

I finally made it and after the initial excitement, I realised that I was going to get very little out of the workshop. I seemed to know everything they were talking about and the main speaker just didn’t resonate with me at all – infact I found her really irksome. At the end of the day, I had the most amazing headache and left a bit early. I just wanted to be home.

The train journey back was long, very long and what should have taken less than hour, was more like two and half. When I got back to my car, it was proudly displaying a parking ticket – of course it was!

I drove the half an hour towards home, only to be halted by the level crossing barrier coming down. I laughed out loud and said, “I get the message, this is not the route I should be taking. I get the visual road blocks you have sent me. I am not going back for the second day tomorrow. I understand – but hey why not one more big sign, just so I really know that this is not the direction I should be pursuing ?”.

I kid you not, as I round the next corner, I am greeted with a “Road Closed” sign at the bottom of my road and have to take a huge detour. I laughed out load and said ” Thank you. I shall think about all this and see what it means, but first I need some paracetamol and large cup of tea! “.

Later that evening, I reflected on my day, I realised that all the road blocks were to make me take notice. At that time I was taking courses, reading and studying, trying to get myself ready to put Angel Talk out there. I realised that the message was that I was ready and it was time to stop looking and time to start doing. To have confidence in myself and Angel Talk. I painted this little angel to remind me to believe in myself. “She believed she could – so she did”.

A5she believed she couldI am thankful for the messages I received that day and came to realise that I had been getting those messages and nudges that I was ready in smaller ways for quite a long time, but I was ignoring them as I thought I always needed one just more course. I think I had such a huge number of “road blocks” that day as the angels really wanted me to notice!

I hope that you enjoyed this post and it will give you a little insight into how you can connect with your angels. There are no hard and fast rules but making time and space to receive their messages is a great place to start. Like all things it takes practice. Look for signs and most of talk to them, out loud or as thoughts and start to have a relationship with them.

I would love to hear from you if you have enjoyed this post or have any questions. If you like the little pictures they are available from the shop.

Angel Blessings

Anna x



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8 comments on “How to listen to your angels

  1. Lorraine on said:

    love your blog Thank you for sharing

    • Anna Watkins on said:

      Hi Lorraine.
      Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment. It really helps reassure me that this is what I am supposed to be doing. Some times it can get, not lonely exactly, but something. I am glad you enjoy my blog. I enjoy writing it and will do some more posts soon.
      Anna x

  2. Janine on said:

    Hi Anna it’s janine I really luvd reading your message and its just what I needed to hear today I went to a hospital appointment with my mum today and she never got home she was kept in with a suspected clot in her lung I hav been talking to my angels and do regularly but I never really understood how to listen out for them I can’t wait to see how they reply to me and today I ask them to watch over my mum and keep her safe

    • Anna Watkins on said:

      Dear Janine
      I am so sorry to hear about your mum and hope she is getting better. I glad you loved reading the post and found it helpful. I shall do some more as there is a lot to share. I am sure they are watching over you all. Anna x

  3. Hi Anna, I came to your post in the early hours of the morning following yet another sleepless night. Like you, my husband was diagnosed with a serious and terminal illness and, for the past two years I have lived my life in a sea of stress and anxiety. We run a b&b together, have spent years renovating and creating the business from scratch, I cannot do it without him and wouldn’t want to. We muddle through at the moment hoping above hope that he will stay well enough to enjoy life for a little longer. At times I have felt so completely lost and unable to reach out to anyone for fear of being a burden. So yes, in my hour of deepest darkness I have asked for help from angels. I so want to believe they are there, that there is more to this life than just living and then death. Like you, I have asked only for guidance and strength to get me through and protection for my husband. When I cannot sleep I ask for their help. I do feel there is an energy sometimes but I think I need more practice as I do feel that maybe sometimes I am simply deluding myself as I want to believe so much I convince myself of their existence. Having just read your post you have given me hope and the confidence to carry on believing. Thank you so very much for your reassuring words and for sharing your experiences – please don’t stop as they have lifted my spirits no end.

    Strange how I came to your post at a time of stress – perhaps someone guided me here? I like to think so.

    Sending you sincere love and best wishes for the future, be strong and thank you again.

    Elaine xx

    • Anna Watkins on said:

      Dear Elaine
      Thank you so much for your kind words. I know that it wasn’t a coincidence that you found my post last night. There was definitely a conspiracy between our angels. I set of with great intentions and enthusiasm to do paint a stack of angel wings that we make yesterday morning. However, when I went to pick them up my energy just drained out of me and I didn’t or couldn’t do it. I do like to only do them when I feel I can integrate my positive energy into them. I kept having the thought “write a blog post”. Now I haven’t written one in a while and didn’t even know what I was going to write or even if it was worth the effort. I tried to do some other creative things but the only thing I could settle to was the blog post!

      I do think it takes time to build a belief and relationship with our angels. It is so hard to believe in something that you can not see or be proved. However, I know from my own experiences that there is definitely a loving energy out there. It maybe be called another name for some people but for me it is my angels. I was brought up Church of England but the whole church service / religion never resonated comfortably with me, but angels do! They are loving and a bridge between our two worlds. I believe they are pure loving energy, which is why when we can still ourselves and raise our own vibration, we can connect more easily. Like everything it takes practice but I am sure the energy you can feel is them. I am sure you will start to find more signs in the next few weeks.

      I am so sorry to hear that your husband is terminally ill. I know how lonely and scarey that can be, especially in the wee small hours. I am so glad you reached out. You can email me anytime. Try to use this time to do some extreme self care, a bit like being your own best friend. This helps you to stay strong and support both yourself and your husband. I have taken up a yoga class, see what you are drawn towards and give yourself your blessing to take some time for this.

      Keep in touch.

      Angel Blessings
      Anna x

      PS Your B and B look amazing. I hope we will meet one day.

      • Dear Anna,

        Thank you so much for your kind response and your kind words. I am sure you are right in that I was guided to your post. I follow you on Instagram and when I couldn’t sleep I was scrolling through and your words “How to listen to your angels’ jumped out at me. It was just what I needed to read so thank you again.

        I shall stay in touch and yes, hope we may meet one day. For the moment, I shall look forward to hearing more about your angel experiences and when I feel more confident with mine, I shall share them too.

        Hoping your energies return soon. Funny, I had one of those days today too and had to give in. Again, I wonder if it’s deliberate to ensure we get some ‘down’ time.

        Take care and follow your path. Your sincerity shines through

        Elaine xx

  4. Great blog…the signs are there for us if only we we open our eyes to them..x