Life is a funny old thing. Sometimes you know why you are feeling a certain way and other times emotions just hit you out the blue. I think in any given month (or day, and sometimes even an hour!) I experience a whole range of emotions,  from uplifting[…]

With our daughter’s wedding fast approaching (4 weeks tomorrow), it is obviously a stressful time as there are lots of extra demands on my time and decisions to make. I was finding it very stressful not knowing if the wedding would have to be postponed if my husband[…]

Today I thought I would share a little of some of the techniques I have studied that have helped me when I have faced challenges. Challenges are challenges, whether big or small, and still need strength to overcome them. Please don’t put yourself down if you think that[…]

angel card reading

Now, I don’t claim to be an expert on Angels, but I am an expert in my own life and for the last few years I have included the angels along on that journey. I have read a lot of angel books, attended The Angel Card Reader Course[…]

Sometimes life can throw a lot at you at once or one thing after another – so you only just get to pause for breath before being hit with another big whammy. It is my guess that you are able to cope at the time, us woman are[…]

Angel Messages I feel quite vulnerable writing about the allegations made against us as foster carers last year, as it leaves me open to being judged again, attacked and misunderstood. However, the angel messages I have been receiving recently from the angels, through Angel Card Readings are that[…]

Today, I was going to write about some of my recent experiences, but feel that I don’t really want to be hashing up the recent past at the moment. I am so bored with some of the thoughts and worries that whirl around my brain, especially late at[…]

You can ask your angels for a sign as validation that you are on the right path. Then you just have to aware of them. Sometimes the signs can be so wacky and out there that you couldn’t have possibly envision them! This is one such story that[…]

Some days connecting to my angels is not something that I do, or even consider, as I am far to present in the day to day stuff. But after a while, I feel that something is missing and have the need to reconnect to them and myself. If[…]

This week has been full of contrasts – mainly with extremes of human behaviour. I don’t want to bring you down, but the long and short of it,  a lovely, hardworking woman I know had her business broken into and all her stock stolen. Then my husband’s computer[…]